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superbad inc.

Capturing and curating unique, attention-commanding visual media to showcase the baddest brand in cannabis.


superbad inc. 



Type of Work

UX Research


Creative Direction


superbad inc. is an innovative, black-owned cannabis brand driven by technology, artistry, and innovation. The superbad brand prides itself on being potent, fragrant, pesticide free, and dedicated to delivering a next-level experience for every consumer. 

superbad inc. reached out and had only one questions to ask..." how bad are you?" 


They didn't mean the typical kinda bad. They meant the other kinda bad. You know "bad"- As in are you bad enough to take risks? Are you bad enough to go against the grain? Are you bad enough to stand out in a crowd? Are you bad enough to be shamelessly confident, yet humble and giving at the same time?

​superbad was ready to make it's world debut- and they wanted to work alongside the baddest designer in the game.  Someone who's creative vision would instantly elevate them above their competition.  I was more than up to the challenge.

Web design for wellness brand superbad inc. Designed by Lexington KY Web Designer Davron Bowman

The Design Challenge

The ultimate goal was to create long-term, consistent content, and unique digital experiences to prepare superbad for everything from pitching investors and initial launch- to the first in-store product placement.

With a heavily saturated market, growing more competitive daily, we needed to really work on developing a personal understanding of the ideal consumer- and then transfer that knowledge into meaningful, connecting design. 

Defining superbad inc.'s ideal consumer

The cannabis industry is one that seems very simple at first- until you're in it. And then you realize that the combinations of users are almost endless. 

Some cannabis users partake recreationally, some medicinally. Maybe for pain, or depression, or for appetite.

Some users are motivated by quality, inspired to try the latest hybrid strains and canna-tech. Others are incentivized by the best deals and care about little more than the best deal in town. 

We studied carefully to gain as much knowledge of the industry and its audience as possible and then revisited the personas to find similarities among them.

Persona Development and Consolidation

In comparing data from superbad users, we uncovered several key commonalities that allowed us to define 3 major recreational and medicinal cannabis personas. 

The General Consumer- impartial, malleable, exposure-based. Reached through group experiences and word of mouth.

The Prosumer- seasoned, educated, precise, willing to pay. Reached through innovation, and attention to detail. 

and The Inexperienced consumer - oblivious, but intrigued. Reached through education and nurturing.

3 different personas identifying superbad inc. consumers in organized groups created based on their interests and habits.

Visual Design

The traits that connected all of our users were

  • They were all searching for informative canna content

  • They were all actively engaged with their favorite brands or some form of canna content on social media

  • Transparency, honesty, and price were key determining factors when considering purchases. 

With these key demographic traits in mind, we went to work constructing visual media for the most active social media platforms - designing scroll-stopping, engaging, educational content meant to empower users. 

Content creation included several rounds of product photography, as well as a documentary-style media trip to the superbad inc. production facility in CA.

Innovation For The
EmergeCanna Virtual
Cannabis Conference

superbad is about more than simply community building. They're industry-disrupting, innovative, revolutionary! That's why they made the decision to become THE Platinum sponsor of the 1st ever EmergeCanna Virtual Conference. 

During this completely virtual, interactive cannabis experience- superbad entrusted me with booth development, visual design, character design, and even allowed us to spend a week networking with brand owners on their behalf in a 100% VR space.

It was truly an honor to design for a completely virtual setting alongside brands such as WyldDiesel, and Polyscience (Tommy Chong)

An imac computer screen mockup showcasing avatar and booth design for superbad inc as the premium sponsors of the emerge canna virtual event
An imac computer screen mockup showcasing avatar and booth design for superbad inc as the premium sponsors of the emerge canna virtual event
An imac computer screen mockup showcasing avatar and booth design for superbad inc as the premium sponsors of the emerge canna virtual event

Ready to Transform Your Brand's Digital Presence?

Reach out today to begin your powerful journey toward success. Together, we can use design to transform your brand's digital presence and create meaningful connections. Let's work in harmony to  bring your vision to life and achieve remarkable outcomes.

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