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Tambor Party

Stan Zeff



Type of Work


UX Research

Creative Direction

Social Media Campaign

Marketing Collaboration

Tambor Party is a dance movement experience centered around Afro House music that has been a monthly staple for the house music scene in Southeast USA (specifically Atlanta, GA) since 2009.


They reached out to The Developing Life seeking a design studio that could assist in globalizing their company as a lifestyle brand through medium-to-large experiences (e.g. festivals, destination events), music and apparel.


In addition to a revamped Brand Design, they we're in search of a comprehensive branding, marketing and advertising strategy. A strategy that included digital /social media strategy and social media implementation to grow their online brand presence and engagement of followers and increase sales of events, apparel and music.


The Design Challenge

Challenge 1: With Tambor Party operating both in-person and online, there would be tons of moving parts involved in this brand revamp. It was important that the design powering the fusion of physical events and digital experiences be seamless and consistent.

Challenge 2: Covid-19 shut down Tambor's physical event presence, and left many feeling uninspired to step back into the dance party scene. Amplifying the Tambor Party Brand would require us to jump-start engagement, and attract a new audience to make up for lost followers. 

A Versatile Identity For A Transcendent Brand

Our project began with retiring the Tambor Party logo that had served the brand well for over 13 years. The old logo was amazing, full of soul and African Roots- it was a challenge to create something equally as powerful.

After weeks of diligent exploration and communication with the Brand Owners, we finished crafting the new logo- powerful, adaptable, energetic with a little African Soul- everything that is Tambor. 

Designing Paid Ad Campaigns With The Help Of

We worked closely with data-scientist and founder of Paul Ahmadzai to analyze existing data, create personas, and concept paid ad campaigns that would


  • Reinvigorate our existing audience

  • Attract new followers interested in Afro House Music

  • Help turn followers into active, social community members 

These social media ads focused on storytelling and increasing user awareness of the brand. 

Digital Marketing Assets for a Twitch Livestream Event. Designed by Lexington Kentucky digital designer and marketing expert Davron Bowman

Wix Web Design

To maximize the power of our paid advertising efforts, and ensure an informative, user-friendly digital experience- we took some time to restructure and redesign the Tambor Party Website. 

This website redesign included sorting through years of event content to identify unique, energetic images that would summarize previous events and tell the Tambor Party story- something that would connect emotionally with users seeking a similar experience. 

We designed a simplistic mobile landing page that would allow users to instantly connect to a Tambor Party experience on their preferred platform.