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A Dynamic Space for Creative Conversation and Exploration


We help brands and business owners leverage emerging tech and human-centric design to deepen connection and facilitate growth.


Join our community to learn more about

  • Digital Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity Design and Storytelling

  • Design Consulting and Project Management

  • Product Design and Marketing Development

  • Content Development + Community Building 


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Davron Bowman

Idea Expander | Owner of TDL

As a catalyst for transformative projects, Davron Bowman utilizes decades of visual media and marketing experience to help business owners translate ideas into impactful results.

Bowman's commitment lies in crafting campaigns and narratives that resonate not just visually but emotionally, fostering a sense of community around brands.


With a focus on meaningful engagement, he curates experiences that leave an indelible mark, ensuring that clients not only reach their audience but create lasting connections that stand the test of time.

Brand Vocalist | Owner of Tru At Art

Tru Adams

With a mission to help shape brands to share connective narratives with inclusionary and soulfully honest design, Tru brings a unique perspective and creates a safe space for real, intentional and transformative voices to be heard.

Her work in design and content creation runs deeper than imagery, honoring the heart of each brand to form a visual language that speaks its truth.

Tru is your guide to brand identity that goes beyond aesthetics. Her designs are not just visually resonate; they will creatively tell the tale of your brand's story.

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A profile image of Heather Crank- Motion Designer, Design Educator and owner of Crahmanti

Strategy Sage | Owner of Crahmanti

Heather Crank

As the Principal Owner of Crahmanti, Heather Crank has been a rebellious moonbeam, casting a light that pushes the boundaries of art, motion design, and the possibilities of AI.

With a mission to stop lifeless stories and wow audiences through soulful storytelling, Heather creates movements for progressive, mission-driven companies.

As an Art Director, Designer, and AI Artist, Heather is a versatile force. Her work, showcased at Guggenheim and renowned festivals, reflects a blend of fine art and business acumen. With specialties in motion and graphic design, Heather's expertise transforms brands into powerful narratives.

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