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Producing a 1,200%+ increase in digital traffic through strategic marketing and launching a limited edition fine-dining series


Spark Cafe

Versailles, Ky


Non-Profit | Restaurant

Type of Work

UX Research

Website Revamp

Content Development

Marketing Campaign

When Spark Cafe first reached out to me, they were facing a myriad of challenges with their digital presence. Their website was outdated and difficult to navigate, hindering potential customers from fully exploring their offerings. The content across their social media platforms lacked cohesion, failing to effectively communicate the unique charm and delicious cuisine of the cafe.


Furthermore, their social media management was lacking, resulting in inconsistent posting schedules and missed opportunities for engagement. To add to these obstacles, Spark Cafe had not yet tapped into the power of digital marketing, leaving them with zero online strategies to attract and retain customers. Recognizing the urgency of their situation, I embarked on a mission to revitalize their digital experiences and breathe new life into their brand.

Through a seamless fusion of data-driven design and strategic marketing, our dynamic partnership propelled Spark Cafe's digital traffic and exposure to new heights, boosting it by an incredible 1,200%.

Stunning restaurant web design for spark community cafe- by Lexington Kentucky Web Designer Davron Bowman

Content Creation

Leveraging years of experience in professional photography and video allowed us to reimagine Spark Cafe's online presence. By creating captivating and attention-grabbing content, we ensured that the brand's social media platforms became virtual windows into the tantalizing world of culinary delights and community engagement.

Video content was segmented into full-length, teaser and reel sized content that helped power multiple digital marketing channels in a simultaneous, yet unique manner.

Launching this new content consistently across Facebook and Instagram resulted in a 500% and 800% increase in traffic respectively, with our user base responding heavily to posts that featured cinematic food visuals, locally sourced Kentucky Proud ingredients, and Spark's catering services at popular local events and historic sites.

Spark Cafe Website Images_19.jpg

Website Revamp for Seamless User Experience

Sparks old website was overwhelming, presenting users with over 20 link options within the first few seconds of loading. An analysis of user traffic revealed on page time was suffering considerably due to the chaotic design.


Recognizing the importance of a user-friendly online platform, I initiated a comprehensive website revamp. Streamlining and enhancing the user experience became the guiding principles.


With a meticulous focus on mobile compatibility, I ensured that visitors could effortlessly navigate the website, discovering Spark Cafe's story, menu, events and social media outlets with just a few taps and swipes.

The addition of a food gallery featuring the collection of new Photo and Video media quickly became our users favorite on-site experience.

splash screens that showcase updated website designs for Spark Community Cafe in Versailles Kentucky. Designed by Davron Bowman

Nurturing Local Relationships Online & In-Person

To truly immerse Spark Cafe within its community, we prioritized the nurturing of strategic local relationships. By collaborating with nearby businesses, organizations, and influencers, we created a vibrant network that bolstered Spark Cafe's visibility, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty among Versailles residents.

Collaborations included utilizing beautiful local bourbon barrel display pieces from Oak and Moore, and stunning stain-glass décor pieces from Green Street Gifts and Antiques- both conveniently located within a block of the cafe. 


Appearances on local news stations and at local events served to further amplify the power of Spark's non-profit mission- enhancing the Cafe's presence in Versailles and Lexington Ky.  

Launching an Exclusive Fine-Dining Series

During my time with Spark Cafe, head chef Isaiah Screetch was nominated for a James Beard Award for his unique Southern Dishes.


The national exposure created an influx of diners who were searching for an experience that transcended a simplistic lunch menu.


To offer a truly unique experience to diners, we launched a series of exclusive fine-dining events, held once a month. These meticulously crafted gatherings showcased Spark Cafe's culinary prowess in an intimate setting, tantalizing taste buds and creating unforgettable memories for our esteemed guests.

This is where sleek, modern design, captivating visuals and intentional language really propelled Spark to new heights. To ensure no food was wasted- AI generated food images were used to allow viewers to visually immerse in the experience- heightening their excitement to join the event. 

Mothers Day Brunch Flyer Designed for non-profit Spark Cafe - designed by Lexington Ky Designer Davron Bowman

Designing New Catering Systems and Supporting Assets

The old Spark Cafe catering system created several challenges for users, including inefficient communicating, inability to comprehend available choices, and extreme difficulty navigating the online catering request procedure.


The goal was to refine and streamline the catering process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for clients with meticulous attention to detail.

I created a variety of design assets that acted as a visual roadmap, simplifying the booking process and providing clear instructions. These assets not only improved clarity but also added a touch of sophistication, aligning perfectly with Spark Cafe's brand aesthetic.


Through the utilization of newly generated visual media assets, I showcased the wide array of available options, tantalizing potential clients with captivating displays of delectable dishes and imaginative presentations.


By crafting an informative and visually captivating experience, we empowered potential catering clients to make confident and informed decisions. The new assets and streamlined systems transformed the catering request process into an effortless journey, leaving clients impressed and eager to reserve Spark Cafe's catering services.

catering menus designed for Versailles Ky Non-Profit, Spark Cafe | By Lexington Ky Graphic Designer Davron Bowman
catering menus designed for Versailles Ky Non-Profit, Spark Cafe | By Lexington Ky Graphic Designer Davron Bowman

Improved Design and Strategic Marketing Produced Mind-Blowing Results

Through the launch of a consistent new strategic marketing campaign fueled by captivating visual media, the impact on Spark Cafe's online presence was nothing short of extraordinary.


Analytics revealed a staggering 1,200% surge in website traffic originating from organic searches and social media platforms. The power of visually enticing content, combined with a meticulously crafted marketing strategy, propelled Spark Cafe to new heights, solidifying its position as a culinary destination of choice in Central Kentucky.


The remarkable increase in online engagement resulted in sold out events, increased daily traffic at the Cafe, amplified social media reach and a slew of new requests for collaboration and catering services.

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