Elevating Amazing Brands Through Connecting Design

The Developing Life is a 2 person design studio that takes a data-driven approach to visual communication. We leverage ​consumer insights, patterns, and behavior to create authentic, inspiring experiences that allow brands to launch, distribute and grow their products and services effectively.

We work closely with adventure/travel, real estate, and lifestyle improvement (medical/holistic) brands- producing functional, adaptable visual identities, marketing materials, product/packaging design, websites, and mobile applications.

Build A Trustworthy Brand And Supportive Community

When it comes to your small business, you want it to look good. You want it to make a statement. You want people to notice and take action! 


That's where we come in! 


We can help you design a connecting, trustworthy brand that conjures up the best possible emotions in your consumers and gives them a reason to choose your product over your competitors.

Our talented team of designers and visual media experts have over a decade of experience working with top companies across multiple industries. We produce high quality one-of-a-kind visuals for all marketing channels - Facebook ads, websites, packaging, and more!

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Web Design & Development

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Brand Identity Design

360 Packaging & Product Design

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Email & Physical

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Social Media Management

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Storytelling (Photo+Video)

User Centric Design
& Emotive Visual Media

We understand the importance of bespoke creativity and design in communicating the unique qualities of your brand. Our goal is to design experiences and media that have a resonating impact on your customer.

Our design process is proven to produce powerful results for small businesses across all industries that we've worked with. 

Explore the process below-

Take Your Business Higher With Our Validated Design Process


Brand Discovery And
Market Research

Together we'll conduct field studies, user interviews, social media analysis, and stakeholder interviews to understand your brand from all available perspectives- inside and out. 

Define Your Vision-
Outline OKR's

We'll meet with key decision-makers and project staff to ensure 

  • all goals have been clearly defined

  • a realistic project timeline has been established

  • measurable project goals have been set

  • proper lines of communication are in place

  • OKR (Objective and Key Results)

Empathize And Align
With Your Audience

We'll gather all of the psychographic and demographic data we've collected into one central hub, and then build an information hierarchy that we can use to put ourselves in your users' shoes.


With a greater understanding of who and why- we can amplify your brand effectively- to the right individuals. Persona development, road mapping, and user feedback sessions. 

Create ,Validate,
Refine, Repeat

We bring your ideas to life- producing stunning, disruptive, and functional websites, apps, and supporting marketing assets.


We’ll start with low and high-fidelity prototypes - working diligently to validate and fine-tune our assets for maximum effectiveness.


After deploying our fully developed assets- we’ll leverage heatmaps, real-time analytics, and in-person user feedback- to hone in on the motives and interests behind user decisions, continuously adapting to ensure we're giving your users exactly what they're asking for!

Travel Blogs

Recent Website, Mobile Application
& Graphic Design Projects

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A Facelift For Moonshine Mountains Wedding Venue Website & Branding

superbad flower pouch v1.png

Photography, Video & Design for superbad inc.'s initial brand launch

joes coffee mobile app billboard 2.png

A Mobile Ordering System to keep joe's coffee profitable during COVID-19


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