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Designing A Sleek, Modern Brand Identity

For A MedTech Consultant Company.


Gage Clark 



MedTech and Environmental Solutions

Type of Work

UX Research

Brand Name

Brand Identity Design

Formerly known as Prevail Medtech- Specular Consulting, founded by Gage H. Clark, is an innovative, trustworthy, impact-driven consulting brand that offers a variety of solutions including sales, project management, product education, market entry and consulting.


Feeling like his current brand identity - Prevail Medtech - was a little too restrictive and specific, Gage approached The Developing Life in hopes of exploring new identity options that would appeal to a wider client base in a more organic manner.

The project goal was to establish a new brand name, and supporting identity design that would convey a high level of warmth, trust and professionalism.

The final brand identity design should be flexible in a way that appeals to a general audience, while maintaining a sophisticated feel appropriate for higher level clients and key decision makers that Gage regularly interacts with.

A New Brand Name That Accurately Reflects The Mission

During our Brand Identity Design consultation meeting, Gage communicated the meaning and impact he was looking for in a new brand name. He was seeking a very unique, attention grabbing brand identity. Something warm, versatile, trusting, and memorable.


The new brand name should convey to existing and potential clients that they're dealing with someone dedicated to professionalism, and focused on human kindness. An identity that instills confidence and inspires key decision makers to approach Gage, understanding he’s trustworthy, transparent, and dedicated to providing custom-tailored solutions unique to their business and goals.

Through diligent and considerate research and exploration, we identified a word that perfectly embodied Gage's values, vision and goals. 


"SPECULAR" Specular reflection is a type of surface reflectance often described as a mirror-like reflection of light from the surface. In specular reflection, the incident light is reflected into a single outgoing direction. (Indicative of mirroring a clients energy, harmonizing with them, and then working together to move forward  towards a solution.)

Designing A Sleek, Modern Brand Identity For Specular Consulting

The new identity established for Specular Consulting utilizes minimal yet powerful text alterations that evoke feelings of elegance and professionalism. An adaptable mark that’s sharp, modern, clean, and recognizable both as a full logo mark and as an independent icon.

The text logo mark includes precision adjustments to the U in the name--- representing a client first approach--- with the final logo projecting a likeness of two individuals examining an existing problem together, leaning in to create a powerful solution/shaking hands after a job well done.

The logo mark is structured in a way that represents the client and consultant giving each other an equal level of trust and respect- with the angle indicative of both parties giving the task at hand their full attention

Specular Logo In Pen.jpg

Bringing Specular Consulting's New
Brand Identity 
To Life

With a powerful new Brand Name and sleek, modern logo established, it was time to bring the brand to life by designing the assets that would be essential in day to day operations. 

  • Business Cards

  • Stationary

  • Branded Uniforms

  • Client Gifts (Coffee Mugs, Pens, and Notepads)

Ready to Transform Your Brand's Digital Presence?

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