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The Developing Life Design Studio

Using Design To Drive Connection

The Developing Life is a 1 person design studio based in Lexington, Ky. Specializing in working with start-ups and non-profits to create bespoke brand identities, products and packaging, websites and digital experiences, social media campaigns, and cinematic brand stories.

With over a decade of design and visual media experience The Developing Life can offer you the knowledge and collaborative skills necessary to bring your brand vision to life.

  • Brand Identity Design and Storytelling

  • Product Design and Marketing Development

  • Website and Mobile App Design

  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns

  • Visual Media Production

  • Design Consulting and Project Management

Wanna Know More About The Guy
You're Working With?

Hi, I'm Davron Bowman

Designer  + Creative Director

Hailing from the small town of Burgin, Ky- Davron Bowman is an empathy-driven Creative Director, Designer, and Visual Media Producer passionate about developing the best experience possible for users.


Utilizing photography, video, and functional, user-centric design- he specializes in designing inspirational brand stories and emotive visual  marketing campaigns

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