innovative media production for titans of cannabis- superbad inc.

while photographing superbad inc.'s product line, we kept one question in mind- how bad are you?

superbad's motto- "how bad are you" posed an interesting question that also set the standard for their media production. To be recognized as the "baddest" brand in cannabis, the media we produced needed to be on par with luxury brands that had been on the market for years, as well as comparable to brands backed by stars and veterans in the game with millions of dollars at their disposal. 

Together we concepted and executed visual campaigns that rivaled the likes of brands such as Monogram, integrating connecting lifestyle visuals with clean, minimal design. 

We focused intently on integrating superbad inc. products seamlessly into every day life, capturing the product line in at-home and on-the-go settings. To maximize exposure, we paired some of their top tier flower and concentrates with collector edition accessories and glass from Empire Glassworks, GrindE, HuniBadger and Culture & Cannabis. 

Photo Gallery by: Davron Bowman

Location: Needles, CA

Gear: Nikon D750 + DJI Mavic

Edit: Camera RAW + Adobe Photoshop