Street Photography | Las Vegas, NV - Covid-19 Quarantine 2020

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

What did the Las Vegas Strip look like during the 2020 Covid-19 shutdown?

Take a moment and explore the streets of Empty Vegas with me to find out.

Covid-19 shut down Las Vegas this year (2020) for the first time since the JFK assassination in 1963

As a lifelong photographer, I felt it my personal responsibility to take to the streets for one day to capture Las Vegas in a way not seen in almost 60 years.

Following all state mandated precautions, I masked up, sanitized myself, and set aside a small window of time to freeze these devastating, iconic moments in time.

The day was eerily creepily, silent. So uncharacteristic of the Las Vegas I've grown to know and love-

The night was peaceful, unobtrusive, freeing, and for the first time since I've moved here- only occupied by locals.

Having a few moments to truly soak in and appreciate the architecture, and beauty of The Strip was sincerely something amazing.

To see the Venetian architecture and canals in all their glory.

To appreciate the interior design and décor of some of the most luxurious Las Vegas shops.

Seeing the Mirage volcano out of commission, and the fountains of the Bellagio changing tune.

To see the incredible support and words of encouragement left in the windows of popular casinos to lift the spirits of the community.

It was a beautiful experience, yet very somber. One of the highlights of my photography career, yet one I feel can never truly be celebrated considering the continuous loss and utter chaos that caused this scenario.

Please enjoy the images of Empty Vegas. Thank you so much for spending some of your time here with me.

I hope you're staying safe, healthy, and productive through these disheartening times.

Wear your mask. Stay inside. Thank a health worker. Support local. Use tech to connect for just a little while- until this is over.

We all have a part to play- I promise to play mine.

Cheers- Until next time my friends.

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