The Value Of Good Design

In the design world, there's a response you're taught to give when a client says "I can't afford your services", or "you're just too expensive."

"Well do you want the Honda or the Ferrari?

I've used those exact words to overcome an objection and land clients before. (Thanks Chris Do)

But personally- I don't think it's very applicable saying to everyone, because the price difference and value proposition between a Honda and Ferrari are worlds apart, and no matter how bad we want to, most of us are never breaking down and buying a Ferrari, because it's unreasonably overpriced- There's a difference between value and extortion!

I like to think of my services as a set of good tools, because I think having a bad tool experience is much more relatable to the general public.

You see, I've always been interested in how things worked- in taking things apart, fixing them...or attempting to at least. I loved building things, and making repairs- from household maintenance, to building cars.

As much as I loved working on things- I never splurged on a good set of tools.

I always used these cheap, knock-off, discount sets from Wally World and Horrible Freight-

It's not like I didn't want to. I mean, I knew the expensive tools had to be at least a little bit better. Right?

But it just didn't seem justifiable. 1.)- the price difference wasn't small ( I grew up dirt poor, so a $50-$100 price difference was significant at the time), and 2.)- even though the price was higher, the expensive tool sets had less tools... in some cases including less than half the pieces offered in cheaper sets.

So I'd always buy the 70%-off, 32-pack wrench and screwdriver sets-

I'd save money right then and there, but I'd often end my projects pissed off beyond belief. Somehow I'd still not have the right size tools, or the handle of a wrench would be broken, bits stripped and warped. Id be covered in cuts and burns from things slipping off, and inevitably lost screws and bolts in the process.

At the very best, finishing a project would be a relief.

--One day, I had a big project, that required taking almost half my car apart. I took inventory of my tools before starting the project, and discovered I was missing a few necessary items- went out to pick them up, and ended up in the Craftsman tool isle.

I needed $20 worth of tools- the tools in front of me were on sale for $200 (Normally $300).

They didn't look different, or feel different. The only thing that made any difference was the name. I had heard about these tools before- everyone has. But that was an insane amount of money to pay.

But I did it. I'm a huge nerd, and 100% honest, my reasoning was- "I've spent that much on video games before, I should try it on something that might be good for me- save me some time." Perhaps the dumbest reasoning of all-time.

I get home. Open this pack of 10 wrenches, and feel so defeated. There's normally 2-3x this amount of tools, for several hundred dollars less... but I shrug it off, and get to work.

I start working on my car... and every wrench I need, is there. No more, no less.

Nothing warps- nothing strips... I drop a bolt... and the wrench catches's got a magnetic head... I didn't even know that was a thing- but it's awesome!

I finish a project fully, in one sitting. The first time ever, that nothing's broken, or failed. The first project that went according to plan---- and I'm happy. Not just relieved that it's over, but proud of myself, and thinking about my next project already, and how I'll be able to enjoy it, knowing my tools are solid, instead of just anxiously waiting for the next wrench to strip or snap.

It's an amazing feeling to feel prepared to move confidently into something you're passionate about.

In a moment of appreciative reflection, I thought about how much I paid for those tools and, I mean seriously- the raw material in those tools was worth nowhere near $200. But the craftsmanship. The durability. The comfort, and confidence that came with them. Was worth that price. In fact- I'd have paid full price for them if I had to do it over again.

Beyond that, I was proud of those tools- as an asset in my life- because in a way, they reflected the quality I felt I deserved in life. They met my standards. They made me feel professional, and prepared.

That's the same standard I've set for my business, and every project that we take on for our amazing clients. Our price is premium- but so are our standards, processes, and results.

When you work with us, you aren't paying for design- you're investing in success for your business!

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