The Importance Of User Persona Development And Designing Human-Centric Content.

Define the needs, experiences, behaviors and goals of your consumers

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Use this user persona development template and corresponding blog post to

√ -- Develop a deeper understanding of consumer needs and purchase habits

√ -- Identify negative issues and obstacles preventing growth and inhibiting consumer trust

√ -- Define and develop more intent-driven and focused marketing campaigns tailored to specific users

√ -- Segment your audience for more streamlined and effective split testing and landing page design + copy

What is a user persona- and why is it important to my business?

A User Persona is a fictional character created to represent a user type that might use your website,

service or product in a similar way. These personas are the result of data compilation, user and market


User Personas are normally developed by grouping traits and factors such as age, occupation, location,

interests, motivations, frustrations, goals, personality traits and connections.

Your audience as a whole will appreciate benefits and experience frustrations in very different ways.

Establishing user personas will allow you to segment your audience- identifying groups of individuals

who experience your brand in similar ways. Understanding user behavior and needs will allow you to

develop and refine your products and services to align with specific needs- quickly and powerfully.

Use this template and blog post to enhance understand your audience and drive results for your business!

Use this blog post and the template you downloaded at the beginning to develop organized and detailed user personas.

To begin, you’ll need to collect all of the user data you have available for your business. Collective

insights from analytic platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, built in social media insights and

Data-Trackers like JetPack for WP will all serve as a great foundation for building unique personas.

Starting a new business? Don’t worry- You can still use websites like Google Trends, Answer The Public,

SEMRush, Ubersuggest and popular social media platforms like Twitter to build user personas relevant

to your product service or offering.

Want help researching and developing professional user personas- Reach out! We’d love to help

After creating personas for your audience- we’ll look for common benefits and frustrations that they

experience. We’ll also evaluate the value of each persona.

Insights collected from developing user personas will allow you to make powerful product and service

adjustments that align more powerfully and realistically with consumer needs.

Further- examining similar frustrations and benefits among your users will allow you to develop more

intent-driven and connecting content campaigns, blog posts, landing pages, and marketing strategies

that educate users and instill them with confidence.

Understanding how your audience functions in parts and as a whole is an essential first step in developing

content and campaigns that connect, evoke a response, and inspire action in your consumers.


Important questions to consider when developing user personas for your brand.

(follow along in the template you downloaded at the beginning of this post. Page 6 provides a breakdown of important user questions to consider, and leaves plenty of space for you to fill in your answers- print the guide out, or screenshot the page, open it in your photo editor and use the markup / edit functions to write in your answers-)

-What thought would lead this user to start a search for your product/service?

-How old is my audience as a whole?

-How old is my most valuable/target user?

-What is my users occupation?

-Is my user married, divorced, partnership?

-Where is my user located?

-What are my users interests, goals and ambitions?

-Do they have a content preference- Do they respond best to text, photos, videos, audio podcasts or a combination of media types?

-What motivates my user on a personal, professional and financial level- and how can my product or service help them reach their goals or enhance motivation?

-What problems does my user encounter in life, in the digital world, in using my product or service? How can we work to reduce these inhibitors, distractions and frustrations?

-Why- specifically are we targeting this user with our product or service?

After answering these questions, take some time to look for similarities in your users, and examine your marketing approach. Remember that certain users will learn, act and respond differently to your brand- Segmenting your audience will allow you to focus on building marketing campaigns and content that speaks more directly to certain individuals within your user base.

For your convenience, we’ve included a quick compare, and side by side (vs) template that you can adapt to meet your specific needs and analyze the unique traits of your audience. You'll find the template on page 12 of your work along template- We’ve kept the design minimal so these templates are easy to print out and won’t waste a ton of ink.


Once you've segmented your audience- take a few moments to explore your ideal user in-depth-

Every brand has an ideal consumer- These consumers are easily motivated, and incredibly

supportive. They participate and respond to social posts. They spread the word about your

products, services, and brand values. They’re receptive to new products, and eager to advocate

for and defend your business.

It’s essential that you have a deep understanding of how these users think and act.

You'll want to ask more granular questions about your ideal user- getting familiar with how they think, act, and live their daily lives.

-What is their daily routine, and what points of contact would they have with our brand throughout a normal day?

-What 3 brands like mine does our user already love or interact with?

- What websites and apps do they consistently visit or access?

- Would they prefer a technical, professional, personal, fast or in-depth solution?

It helps to sum up your ideal user in 3 words- This will allow you to focus on, and create content that appeals to the core traits that define your most valuable audience members.

Page 19 of your work along guide features a gallery of 40 powerful adjectives you can use to define your most valuable user.

Let's use these insights to analyze your current marketing approach- Is there anything you should adjust?

Leveraging user persona insights will allow you to understand the potential impact or lack thereof from existing marketing campaigns.

You've no doubt noticed that certain members of your user base are experiencing your products and services in a completely different way than others. Do we cut these users out, or simplify our product to make it more accessible to a larger audience? Is it worth the time and energy to educate and motivate our least valuable and most disruptive clients? Or do we double down and cater to our most valuable users?

Asking the following questions will better prepare you for action in adjusting existing and upcoming marketing strategies-

-Who is our priority user and why are they drawn to our brand, product and service?

-Do our users share the same interests, hobbies and daily routines? Or are they experiencing life in completely different ways?

-Are the frustrations experienced by our users a matter of functionality- or are they a result of demographic and psychological inhibitors?

-Does our current product/service offering speak directly to any of these personas- or are we projecting a generalized and vague message in an attempt to capture our entire audience?

-Have we a/b split tested landing pages, social media campaigns or content directed to a specific set of users in the last 3 months?

-How much revenue is generated by our most responsive persona? (as a %)

-How much revenue is generated by our least responsive persona? (as a %)

-How large is the gap in interest and motivation (action) between our most responsive and our least persona? Can the gap be bridged through education, or will the solution require significant time and financial investment?

-If I focus on designing, adapting and refining products and services to specifically meet the needs of 1-2 stronger/high-value personas- I anticipate it will have the following POSITIVE effect on my business-

-If I focus on designing, adapting and refining products and services to specifically meet the needs of 1-2 stronger/high-value personas- I anticipate it will deter weaker personas and have the following NEGATIVE effect on my business-



Leveraging user persona insights is one of the most powerful ways to drive results for your small business or startup-

Now that you’ve developed and analyzed the different personas that make up your consumer base- it’s time to leverage these insights to develop intent-driven content and marketing campaigns.

Complete the rest of this article in your user persona work along template- starting on page 27-

We've left plenty of space for you to develop an inspiring, connecting marketing strategy utilizing the user-persona insights we've collected so far!

Once you're finished outlining a strategy- it’s time to get to work on content and marketing campaigns that speak more directly to your consumers-

Focus on campaigns that attract your ideal consumer!

Test different content across different audiences.

Track of the content that performs the best, analyze it, and continually adapt/refine to meet consumer needs.

Don’t be afraid to shrink your target audience if you find that a certain persona is impossible or unreasonably difficult to convert.


Need a hand with developing a content and marketing strategy for your personas?

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