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RED PLANET: Using Midjourney AI + ChatGPU To Imagine A Best-Selling Space Thriller Novel

"As the Model L-75 space cruiser enters the red atmosphere of the alien planet, alarms blare and warning lights flash. The ship shudders and shakes as it makes its rapid descent, buffeted by thick, swirling clouds and dense vapor.

The explorer grips the controls tightly, trying to maintain control as the ship plunges towards the surface. They can see the rocky, barren terrain rushing up to meet them at lethal speed, and know they have just seconds to react.

With a loud crash, the ship slams into the ground and skids to a halt. The explorer is thrown forward, slamming into the dashboard and then tumbling backwards as the ship comes to a stop. Dazed and disoriented, they struggle to get to their feet. They can hear the hiss of escaping gases and the crackle of sparking wires as they pull themselves up and out of their seat.

As they unsteadily make their way to the exit, they see that their ship is a mangled mess. The hull is crumpled and twisted-- it's clear that the ship is not going to be flying again anytime soon.

As their senses begin to return, the explorer takes a deep breath and looks out at the alien planet. The red sky is dark and foreboding, and the rocky terrain stretches out in all directions. They have no idea where they are or how they're going to survive, but they know they have to try.

The space explorer sets off into the unknown, determined to find a way home, and to conquer anything that stands in their way."


The above excerpt was created by ChatGPU and edited to adjust repetitive statements and nonsensical detail---)

The following images that comprise Red Planet were all created utilizing the latest (as of writing 12/29/2022) version of Midjourney AI (--v 4), with the visual layout and animations completed in Photoshop.

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