Build A Professional, Intent-Driven Brand Identity

This blog post is a work-along- If you haven't already- visit the 100% free resource page on our site, and grab your Brand Identity Kit Workbook. Then come back to this post.

Utilize these resources to create a professional identity for your business that looks great across all digital and print channels in 2021 and beyond.


The Importance Of Developing A Strong Brand Identity For Your Business

A strong, unique, connecting Brand Identity is essential in building relationships with your users and attracting new customers. A professional and aesthetically pleasing Brand Identity will enhance trust and respect between your business and its audience by communicating your message, values, and personality.

This brand design/development post and accompanying guide will teach you everything you need to know about brand building- including

  • The importance of research before choosing a design

  • Creating an identity that amplifies your brand voice and values

  • How to choose the right font family for your brand and establish text hierarchy

  • Understanding the psychology behind color palette selection

  • Creating a visual guide for your new identity showcasing real-world use


The Importance Of UX Research Before Branding

In-depth market research will allow you to design a brand that fits your industry, while also standing out, allowing your users to easily pick your brand out of a crowd.

Internal research and documentation sessions will allow you to summarize all of the values, morals, goals, ambitions, and innovations that drive your brand.

User research will allow you time to consider vital questions such as - “What do I want my audience to feel when they come into contact with my brand identity?”

Remember- a truly connecting brand identity is a balance of your vision - aligning with consumer needs- It’s so much more than just picking a logo and colors.

(use the templated workspaces starting on page 6 to perform a comprehensive analysis of your brand, market and audience)

We recommend asking the following questions throughout your research and discovery session(s)

Audience Questions To Consider The Brand Identity Research Phase-

  • How does my service, product or brand as a whole enhance the daily life of my ideal customer? (What pain points does my business solve?)

  • How do I want my clients to feel after interacting with my brand?

  • Why do my clients trust or respect me?

  • How do I interact with my consumers- (digital, print, in-person?) | And how do I talk to them? (Is my brand tone technical, professional, funny, relaxed?)

Competition Questions To Consider The Brand Identity Research Phase-

  • Who are my top 3 local competitors? (If you’re completely e-commerce, which brands are similar to yours in size, product/service offering?)

  • Who are my top 3 business/brand inspirations- and why?

  • What is my KPI (key performance indicator) - What makes my brand different?

  • How will my new identity allow me to overtake my competition?

(use the templated workspace on page 9 of your brand identity template to summarize the results from your research and discovery phase- and build a powerful mission/project statement.)


How To Select The Best Brand Identity Style & Voice For Your Business

(this section is coming soon! Check back Sept 20th for updated information on determining the best brand style and voice for your business.)

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