Giving Moonshine Mountains Digital Identity A Facelift

Role: UX Designer // Creative Director //

Project: Web Design and Marketing + Visuals

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Moonshine Mountain Is One Of Colorado's Most Authentic & Exclusive Destinations For
Weddings & Elopements

Ready to crush it in 2021 and beyond- Jerry & Melanie (owners) reached out to me with a vision of a restructured website that'd attract and deeply connect with couples who'd respect their hard work, and appreciate the authentic Colorado setting their venue offers. 

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The Design Challenge

We needed to create a functional, media-heavy user experience that guided users through the venue's most appealing features, incentivizing them to request their own reservation. 

The biggest challenge facing us was the location. Moonshine Mountain is decently far away from well-known towns like Colorado Springs & Denver- 

No on-site lodging and minimal selection within an hour's drive present a challenge for couples planning normal weddings with expected guest counts of 50-100. 

The venue's location also presented a challenge in developing local SEO. With very limited collaboration possibilities, we'd be forced into larger, more competitive markets like Colorado Springs and Denver.


Moonshine Mountain had a minimal digital presence before this project- functioning mainly on Facebook, with a simple yet effective Google Site setup to convert traffic. 

With 2021 being the venue's first year in operation- there wasn't much data to go on. 

Instead of launching digital marketing campaigns that would take weeks to concept, develop, launch and analyze- we took a human-centric approach to data collection, joining several online wedding groups, blogs, and communities. 

Doing so allowed us to collect a large amount of data instantly- Breaking the data down allowed us to determine


  • which state had the greatest influx of brides to Colorado for weddings & elopements

  • which parts of the planning process brides were having the hardest time with 

  • which venues and locations in Colorado were booking the quickest

and most importantly allowed us to develop a general idea of the typical Colorado wedding & elopement budget. 

Bride at Wedding Reception

User Flow & Validation

We mapped out a few variations of user flows- ideating possible journeys for Moonshine Mountains diverse client base, which ranged from upscale brides hosting a large, all-weekend event, to eloping couples seeking an intimate one-day ceremony. 

We held real-time user feedback sessions which allowed us to validate the flow of our design by asking users to select the functions and content that were most important to them.


Analyzing the data collected from user feedback sessions allowed us to determine the most effective hierarchy for our content.


A series of virtual and in-person UI validation sessions in which users were asked to complete tasks such as requesting their date, searching for specific content and navigating the menu- allowed us to refine the functionality of the site. 

Visual Design

With Moonshine Mountain's ultimate goal centering around exclusive, high-end events, not just weddings- it was important to construct a visual identity that was incredibly adaptable. 

The final palette selection, lavendar and a luxury green is welcoming, fun and refreshing, while simultaneously elegant- highly refined. 

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Designing Supporting Marketing Assets

With the website designed, validated, SEO Optimized, and launched- it was time to create the supporting promotional assets that would begin to generate traffic.

Utilizing the data we compiled earlier in the project- we got to work on constructing blog articles and high-value resources for couples getting married in the Centennial State.


We developed a series of locally curated resources and planning tools for couples-  including a 90pg+ guide on navigating and planning weddings & elopements in Colorado, packed full of checklists, organizers, journaling space and a directory of Colorado's top reviewed event vendors-100% free!

- We also gave Moonshine Mountain's photo and video galleries an upgrade, including HDR photos, cinematic video and drone aerials to really convey the size and beauty of the venue. -

Powerful Results!

The local SEO in Lake George was very fragile for our competitors. With just a weeks worth of work, I was able to move Moonshine Mountain up to the first page results of local Google Keywords- with them ranking #1 and #2 consecutively on results for Elopements In Lake George, Colorado. 

While results like this aren't typical for more saturated markets in larger cities, our SEO dominance on a local level can definitely be leveraged into powerful collaboration opportunities. 

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