The Captivating Fall Colors Of Red River Gorge, In Slade, Ky

Simple Pleasures In Life Like Driving Through Red River Gorge In The Fall Truly Warms My Soul...

 I was born and raised in Kentucky. The Gorge is like home to me. Though I've not explored it in it's entirety- I've spent countless hours lost in its mountainous hills, scrambling up rocks, trekking through its Red River waters, camping overnight....fighting off the fVckn mosquitoes ( I mean seriously- get the bug situation under control KY!)!!!

 As many times as I've been to the Gorge- it never ceases to fill me with gratitude, appreciation and peace. The iconic tunnel entry, the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere- and, if you manage to visit at just the right time- the most magnificent fall colors ya'll ever saw. 

Enjoy the photo gallery below- and feel free to follow my travels in real-time via my IG account!

Red River Gorge is just one of the amazing geological areas found within the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. For more information on the Daniel Boone National Forest and other National Parks- including park history, admission fees, rules, availability, and up to date trail information- please visit | www.nps.gov

For specific information regarding Red River Gorge, please visit | www.miguelspizza.com/ Have a slice or a complete pie of the best pizza in the WORLD, and have a human conversation about The Gorge! No website out there does it justice, trust me!

Photo Gallery by: Davron Bowman

Location: Slade, KY

Gear: Nikon D750

Edit: Camera RAW + Adobe Photoshop