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Showcasing The Luxury Arizona Wedding Venue 
Cam Del Rio

Cam Del Rio Is A Massive Property Rental Available In Bullhead City, Arizona

It's not every day you come across a property with enough garage space for several full-size boats- with a direct water launch attached to the driveway. But Cam Del Rio- oftentimes referred to as "Casa" Del Rio, doesn't stop there.  This breathtaking property also boasts a luxurious backyard, complete with a pool, jacuzzi, bar, and grill and its own putting green. 

Step down from the main entertaining space, and you're treated to a waterside gazebo and covered picnic area. -- This property took the entire day to capture- and it was totally worth it. Properties like this always serve to deepen my appreciation for my industry- it's awesome being a luxury property photographer!

Photo Gallery by: Davron Bowman

Location: Bullhead City, AZ 

Gear: Nikon D750

Edit: Photomatix + Camera RAW