California's Superbloom Is A Rare, Mind-Blowing Sight!

The Hills Of Antelope Valley Were Bursting With The Most Vibrant Colors We Had Ever Seen!

We finally arrived at Antelope Valley around 6:30 am. We had driven for hours from Vegas to witness this rare California occurrence known as the "Superbloom".

On rare occasions, unusually wet rainy seasons, followed by ideal weather conditions, will cause seeds that have been lying dormant in the ground to take root, grow and bloom together. 

Upon arriving, we were initially greeted by a thick, heavy fog that had settled into the Valley. Trekking uphill, eventually through the fog, gave way to the most photogenic scene we had ever witnessed. Hills full of  California poppies, bluebells, lupine, desert sunflowers, and desert lilies lined the hills as far as the eye could see. 

It's so hard to describe- so maybe it's time to scroll on so you can check out the photo gallery of the experience for yourself!

This National Geographic article does an amazing job of explaining the Superbloom occurrence in detail.


For more information on visiting the valley, tracking the Superbloom, and local information from Lancaster County, visit the official California State government website at  https://www.parks.ca.gov/

Photo Gallery by: Davron Bowman

Location: Antelope Valley, CA

Gear: Nikon D750

Edit: Camera RAW + Adobe Photoshop