Designing An Adaptable, Connecting Identity For
Scott Allen LMHC

Role: Creative Director | Designer

Project: Brand Identity Design | Consulting

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Scott Allen is a licensed mental health counselor based in Stuart, Florida- He specializes in advanced and innovative therapy treatments- with a focus on RRT Therapy (Rapid Resolution Therapy- created by Jon Connelly).


Scott reached out to The Developing Life to help take his business to the next level- His initial request was a comprehensive Brand Identity Kit- complete with a logo that truly connects him with clients, while also displaying authority and professionalism in his field. 

The project goal was to develop a personal, connecting brand that clients are receptive to and more open to engaging with. Something that leaves them feeling confident, inspired, and revitalized.

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The Design Challenge

Scott requested a brand identity that could be incredibly versatile. Something that would speak directly to his ideal consumer in a way that would cause them to feel refreshed, inspired, intrigued- and would motivate them to take action to connect.

The therapies Scott utilizes to provide relief to his clients focus on active listening, reflection, and guided discovery- and are meant to leave his clients feeling a lasting sense of calm, clarity, and motivation to establish new long-term thought patterns and habits. 

It was important to Scott that his business identity reflected an energetic tone while also emphasizing some form of growth or new connection in a visual manner. 

Research &
Competitive Analysis

UX Researcher: Davron Bowman

During this phase of the project- I worked diligently to define the values and morals that Scott's brand encompassed.  

I performed market research on both a local and national scale in an attempt to identify individuals and clinics that are utilizing next-level branding and visuals to generate exposure and increase brand trust. 

I also dedicated a solid week's worth of time to delve into the specific treatments Scott integrates into his therapy sessions. 

  • RRT (Rapid Resolution Therapy)

  • EDMR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

  • EFT (Emotionally- Focused Therapy) 

This discovery and analysis phase of the project allowed me to identify consistent traits among each treatment- which would later be leveraged to produce visual elements within Scott's Brand Identity Kit that genuinely reflected his practice and intent. 

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Research Summary
& Logo Design Phase

The research and discovery phase allowed us to understand Scott's practice and the 3 key factors that were equally important to him and his clients-

1.) The traumas that Scott's clients faced were causing them to create repetitive patterns of negative thinking- oftentimes leaving them feeling trapped and hopeless. 


2.)  To overcome these mental blocks- it's important for the client to identify the issues one at a time, and develop an understanding of them without having to relive the experience.

3.) A successful result is generated when a client can establish a new, positive thought process- effectively clearing mental blocks, realizing that the past is not the present and that an immediate threat no longer exists. 

These key factors were translated into a visual design that represented focus, brain stimulation, direction, and connection. 

Logo Mark

With the initial logo mark established, we began an exploration process to help create a complete identity system that would allow Scott to utilize specific marks that directly correlated with various types of therapy and steps in his clients' recovery process. 

After testing almost 20 different designs- we narrowed it down to the 3 marks that would be most impactful and organic to implement- 

A Mental Block mark that represents repetitive patterns of traumatic thinking- This mark is comprised of a singular line that keeps feeding into itself.

A Focus mark represents the ability to focus on and define the traumatic experience. This mark is open-ended, representing hope and possibility. 

A connection mark that signifies a breakthrough and newly established pattern of thinking that's optimistic, cheerful, and a basis for consistent positive growth. 

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Bringing It All Together And Designing Supporting Assets

We selected a color palette that evokes a calming yet energetic brand tone- while being adaptable enough to simultaneously convey authority and professionalism. 

A signature style font was selected to give the brand an organic, authentic feeling- and stress the real connection that Scott seeks to establish with his clients. 

The final product is a harmonious blend of

  • Confident

  • Positive

  • Revitalizing

  • Approachable

  • Adaptable/Versatile

  • Modern

  • Clean

After Scott gave his final approval on the main Logo, supporting graphic elements, and font selection- it was time to bring it all together and expand the idea to see how versatile the applications would be in real-world scenarios-


The following gallery showcases the brand identity in multiple physical and digital settings- 

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Working with Scott was such an amazing time! This was one of those projects that left me feeling motivated, inspired, and wishing every client I worked with was just like him.  

The feeling must have been mutual- because he reached back out for assistance with web design and marketing after we completed his business identity.

I jumped at the chance to continue working with Scott- and used the opportunity to utilize some of the assets we designed during the branding phase. 

ScottAllenLMH is live- if you'd like to check out the culmination of all our hard work or want to learn more about Scott's RRT Therapy practice.