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Capturing Alex & Becca's Rustic Barn Wedding In
Lexington, Kentucky

I Met Alex & Becca At Havasupai Falls A Year Before Their Kentucky Wedding

To this day- it's still one of the most genuine connections I've ever made. 

What better way to get to know a couple- than trekking double-digit miles daily, to some of the most beautiful sites the western U.S. has to offer. 

Hours on the trails gave us tons of time to get to know one another. Evening cookouts, yoga, and bourbon served to strengthen and solidify the newly formed bond. 

I never expected they'd ask if I was interested in flying home to Kentucky (I was raised in Burgin, Ky) to capture their special day- but as soon as they extended the offer I excitedly accepted.


Despite a little rough weather, the day was incredible. Full of some of the kindest individuals I've ever met, and some of the best bourbon I've ever tasted.